Advisory Board

  • Paul Bolno, President and CEO, WAVE Life Sciences
  • Yuan-Hua Ding, PhD, Executive Director and Head of Pfizer External R&D Innovation (ERDI) – Asia/Pacific, Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development
  • James Foley, PhD, Managing Director, Aqua Partners, LLC
  • Kimberly Ha, Senior Director, FTI Consulting
  • Charles Hsu, PhD, Managing Partner, Crosswave Management
  • Keiko Oishi, Senior Managing Director, CMIC Co., Ltd.
  • Tim Opler, PhD, Partner, Torreya Partners
  • Grace L. Pan, Partner, Holland & Knight
  • Linda M. Pullan, PhD, Founder, Pullan Consulting
  • James B. Weissman, Chief Business Officer, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Wei Zhang, PhD, Investor, Lilly Asia Ventures

(As of September 7, 2016)